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Chances are at some point you’ll be involved in a situation with law enforcement. Do you know your rights well enough to defend them?

Legal Tips Cards (LTC) are designed to: give you the confidence and assurance to know where you stand in a police encounter, inform you of specific rights applying to various situations, and provide tips for what NOT to say or do in hopes of avoiding a bad outcome. It’s your responsibility to know which laws apply to the situation you’re in. Educating yourself about your rights is important to prevent being unjustly treated. Keep Legal Tips Cards with you at all times to know what to say and do in a police encounter.

Know your rights! Not only do you have rights, officers have their own set of rules to follow. Don't leave it to chance--read the rules so you know when an officer is stepping out of line. Click here to read the Conduct Rules for Officers.

Tired Of:

  • Being Profiled?
  • Being Stopped and Frisked?
  • Receiving Unwanted Questioning and Harassment?
  • Feeling Confused and Powerless About Your Rights?

Want to file a complaint? Need to know how to do it and why you should? Click here to find out.

How many times have you heard the old cliché, “If I knew then what I know now,” after a bad encounter or experience with law enforcement? Or even after getting arrested? With our help, we hope you will never have to utter these words. Our services include:

1. Informing American (and undocumented) citizens about their rights through LTC Cards.

2. Providing this website as a place for citizens to be informed about their rights.

3. Providing convenient LTC Smartphone Apps.

4. Offering pre-paid legal services to those who are unable to afford an attorney or bond money.

5. Providing updates on the latest local and national laws and changes through our blog and email newsletter.

6. Creating a forum for people to exchange law information and to vent and or share experiences with others.

7. Providing a nationwide attorney search.

8. Providing video instruction on what to do and say when encountered by law enforcement officer

The most important aspect of our company is you, the American citizen. We've designed LTC with you in mind, so our cards are easy to carry, the size of your driver's license, and coated in hard plastic credit card material to withstand years of wear and tear and all types of weather. We made sure these cards were easily accessible and convenient for you to carry with you at all times. On top of that, we offer the reference card, our Bill of Rights card, which arms you with federal laws to back up your arguments in any situation you may find yourself in.

We wanted to ensure you have all the information you need at your fingertips when you need it, so we've included QR codes on the back of each card. What are QR codes? QR, or Quick Response, codes are scanned by a smartphone to take you directly to a website for more information. So how does it work? Our handheld plastic cards are packed with information for each police encounter, but sometimes you need more! That's where QR codes come in so you can scan it and be taken directly to that card's page. Each page will include cases and trials, definitions, links, and more so you're never left in the dark.

You can also download the LTC mobile app for your smart phone by clicking here.

What you get with each 5 pack of LTC Cards:

1. The U.S. Constitution Card:

This card provides a list of the Top 10 Amendments to the Constitution, also called the Bill of Rights. These are your constitutional legal rights. This card also includes overall suggestions for police encounters, such as providing identification, handling intimidation tactics, unwarranted search and seizures, and excessive force as well as tips regarding immigration status. It serves as a reference for all of the other cards.

2. Public or Commercial Transportation:

What should you do if questioned about your whereabouts or destination? What if you are asked to step off a bus, ship, or plan? What if police ask to search your traveling compartment or personal property? Among other rights, your fourth amendment applies here.

3. Residence or Business:

What should you do if the police knock and ask to enter your home, either with or without a warrant? What if you are detained or held for no lawful reason? What if you’re arrested and taken to a police station? Among other rights, your fifth amendment applies here.

4. Personal or Company Vehicle:

What if you’re asked to step outside the vehicle? What rights apply to passengers? What are your rights at a Terry-Stop? What constitutes probable cause for an officer to search or seize the vehicle? Among other rights, your fourth amendment applies here.

5. Public Street or Neighborhood:

What are you rights when you outside on a particular corner or street? What if you’re asked questions about your personal life or companions? What type of threats may be made to get you to engage in consensual conversation?  What are your rights if you wish to carry a firearm? Among other rights, your Second, Fourth and Fifth amendment applies here.


Former Wayne County Deputy Arrested

New report shows 'racist' LA police dogs only bite blacks and Latinos

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Charges Against Brothers Dropped After Video Proves Cops Lied [Video]

Mississippi Sheriff Mike Byrd Indicted On 31 Counts Of Abusing His Office

Officers Murder 92 Year Old Women In Her Home!

FBI Drug Squad Uses Chainsaw To Invade…the Wrong Apartment!

Undercover Cop Takes Pleasure With Hooker In Sting Operation

Surveillance Video Catches Police Informant Planting Crack On Black Business Owner [Video]

Fla. Officers Arrested For Forcing Women Into Sex, Groin-Punching During Traffic Stop!

Phoenix Suns Michael Beasley Busted Again For Possession!

Teen Raps On YouTube As SWAT Team Smashes into His Home! [Video]

Former Bad Boy Records Rapper Loon Speaks On Circumstances Surrounding 14-Year Prison Sentence

Lawsuit evidence: Michael Jackson lost dance moves in last days

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Rapper Charged w/ Double Homicide After Allegedly Rapping About It.

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Cop Accused of Beating, Forcing Oral Sex, & Throwing Girlfriend into a Pile of His Own Feces!

Police Overreach Haunts Southern City: Racial Profiling, Quotas and Secret “Conviction Bonuses”

Former Fair Bluff police officer arrested on secret peeping charges.

Rapper of ‘Cop Killer’ Video Now Getting Death Threats From Police! [See Video]

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